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  • english bulldog puppies for sale in Texas
  • english bulldog puppies for sale in Texas
  • english bulldog puppies for sale in Texas
  • english bulldog puppies for sale in Texas



Suburban Bullies is home to the most amazing dog breed in the world. English Bulldogs. If you've been searching for quality AKC English Bulldogs for sale, look no further, you've come to the right place.

Suburban Bullies is located 30 miles north of Dallas in McKinney, TX . We are a responsible and ethical breeder of English Bulldogs. Our mission, first and foremost, is to produce healthy & happy bulldogs that make great family companions. We strive to produce show quality, healthy, wrinkly, big boned, & family oriented bulldogs. We only breed to champions and studs of the highest quality. Whether you're searching for a show dog or family pet, Suburban Bullies is the breeder for you.

All of our English Bulldog puppies for sale are raised by and with our family and around our children at our home in Dallas, TX. We strive to produce healthy puppies and are on a never ending quest to improve our blood lines and the breed as a whole. We literally have some of the best English Bulldogs in the world. Our reputation is literally second to none. We highly recommend you read our testimonials and follow us on all the social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google plus. We also invite you to check out our blog. These social media outlets will give you a chance to see how we live, operate and communicate with our customers on a daily basis. We feel there's a reason we've accumulated thousands of followers and millions of views. That reason is simply our dedication to the breed and to making our customers happy. It also doesn't hurt that our bloodlines are some of the most desireable in the world. They include Cherokee, Hilltop, Merriveen, Lemonvom, British Pride, Millcoats, La Chata and Rembombory to name a few.

Bulldogs for saleEnglish Bulldogs for sale

Look, we understand that most pet owners have no intentions of showing or breeding English Bulldogs. However, we still want to provide that top notch quality, at an affordable price, that all of our customers deserve. Let me tell you, it is VERY DIFFICULT to produce those good looking English Bulldog Puppies that we all drool over on the TV and in cartoons. It's taken us years and years to get to the point of consistently producing awesome puppies. Please don't make the mistake of buying a low priced bulldog from your local backyard breeder only to be disappointed when you see him or her grow up to look nothing like what you expected. You will be heartbroken. Trust me! It happened to my wife and I when we purchased our first Bulldog, which is actually part of the reason why we breed today. We loved our first bully to death. But, we felt like we were robbed when we watched him grow up to look more like a boxer than a bulldog. No Bulldog is cheap! So, if you're going to spend the money, spend it on a champion studded Bulldog that will surpass your expectations. When it comes to Bulldogs, and most anything else in life, that old saying "you get what you pay for" is so true. You've officially been warned : )

Now that we're through with our introduction, please take your time to look around, and I'm certain you'll find the perfect English Bulldog puppies for sale for you and your family. If for any reason you can't find the perfect puppy on our website I highly recommend you visit our friends Chad and Heather from Sumo Bulldogs. Chad and I co-own several dogs together and have been breeding together for years. His knowledge of the Bulldog breed is second to none and his family, just like ours, has truly dedicated their lives to improving and breeding high quality bulldogs. If you have any questions or conerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau. Please feel free to click the BBB icon below to review our A+ rating.

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